Lake Macquarie Plumbing is dedicated to providing for your plumbing needs in your residence or workplace. With a wide range of services, we are the right people to provide you the following services:

All of our services are assured to meet quality industry standards. Call us now for services that are guaranteed to be:


We uphold quality in each work we do. Only skilled and licensed plumbers attend to your needs, ensuring that every job is done with excellence and precision.


With an extensive choice of materials and a wide range of services, we will help you find the plumbing solution that fits your needs and your budget. We charge by the work, so you are guaranteed to pay for only what you need.

On time

With a 24-hour hotline, we will surely get to you home or workplace right when you need us, be it during the day or in the wee hours of the night. We value time and efficiency in our work, and we make sure that no time is wasted when we perform our services. We likewise strictly follow implemented schedules to provide convenience for our customers.


We put value in safety not only for our clients but also for our workers as well as the environment. We look carefully into the things we do and make sure that they are carried out safely and correctly. Our licensed plumbers are also insured, and we promote ways to help save the environment.


We use only reliable and tested plumbing tools and products in every repair, installation, or maintenance service. Even the methods and techniques we use in solving your plumbing problems are carefully thought of by our licensed plumbers who are specially trained to carry out the work you need. We make the most out of the resources and time we have to give you the best possible quality service.