Brands and Products

Lake Macquarie Plumbing is committed to quality service. To help us give you the best, we carefully choose the brands and products we use each time we do our work. They are guaranteed to not only be made of high quality materials but are also friendly to the environment.

Brands & Products - Lake Macquarie Plumbing

Among our trusted brands are:

  • Caroma – A classic Australian brand, Caroma’s bathroom supplies merge both design and efficiency into innovative creations.
  • Laufen – 120 years of this world-wide brand has made it an expert in providing design, quality and functionality into a wide range of their products from bathtubs, toilets, washbasins down to the accessories.
  • Roca – From its Spanish roots emerged unique designs found in bathrooms all over the globe.
  • ISSY – Customised and expressive designs are highlighted in this Australian brand that will surely satisfy your aesthetic cravings.
  • Hideaway – Their European style and modern design gave way to the evolution of in-wall systems that create the perfect bathroom with minimal space.
  • Milli – Sheer styles of tapware and accessories from this premium brand present unique beauty in modern bathrooms.
  • Posh – Enjoy comfort and practicality with products from Posh that are guaranteed to withstand the rigours of everyday living.
  • Phoenix – Precision and perfection are delivered in this award-winning Australian brand which innovates bathroom products to quality creations.
  • Base – This basic brand with a staple range of bathroom products puts affordability and quality together for an easy choice among builders and consumers.